EP 10 – Alf Rehn’s cure for innovation fatigue

EP 10 – Alf Rehn’s cure for innovation fatigue

Are you suffering from innovation fatigue? Listen to Dr. Alf Rehn on the power of slow and boring innovation.

In this episode of Innovation Explorers we talk with Alf Rehn Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark and author of the book “Innovation for the Fatigued.”

It turns out that, like lots of innovators, Alf wrote his book due to his frustration with current innovation books and practices. He, like many of us, was tired of the innovation theater (innovation bullshit, he calls it) that he saw in too many organization.

Listen in to hear Alf talk about the power of boring and slow innovation, about the need for Radical Patience and how innovation is like raising a child. 

If you and your colleagues are showing tendencies toward Innovation Fatigue, this podcast will offer you an antidote.

Link to the book “Innovation for the Fatigued:
How to build a culture of deep creativity